Songlines Magazine – Review of the concert (Bratislava, February, World Music from Slovakia)

“How many Slovakian bands have you heard of? If the answer is none, then this showcase in bratislava was for you. This special concert, organised by local activist Jarmila Vlčková, consisted of four Slovakian bands… From the Pressburger Klezmer Band and folk revivalists Muzička to the flamenco-inspired Acoustic Gangsters and progressive folk-world ensemble Banda, every concert was lodly applaused by a packed house… Founded 25 years ago… Muzička… The six-strong string band features fiddles, violas and double bass and their energy was astonishing, with instrument and voices creating a vibrant groove. The set consisted of traditional songs and tunes from the mountain regions of Slovakia and showed how melodies have migrated through the Carpathian region – some I recognized from the Polish Trebunie-Tutki Family Band. The band was occasionally joined by dancers, who demonstrated the traditional styles, inluding a loud and impressive dance with spurs. Sometimes simplicity is priceless.”

Mateusz Dobrowolski – Songlines Magazine – April 2015

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