World Music from Slovakia


is a platform and organization that aims to solicit Slovak musicians in world music genres and make the Slovak music scene visible at home and abroad. As a sister organization of the World Music Festival Bratislava (WMFBA), WOMUSK provides a number of benefits for musicians and the public.


1. Consulting:
WOMUSK provides consulting in the field of PR, promotion, and album releases. We help in building networks of contacts, which is important for the successful international work of musicians.

2. Promotion:
The platform concerns the promotion of musicians and their work at home and abroad. Musicians have the opportunity to get their latest albums onto the international music charts of World Music Charts Europe and Transglobal World Music Chart, as well as brought to the attention of the media in Slovakia and abroad.

3. Webinar for Musicians:
WOMUSK organizes webinars on various topics with experts in various relevant fields, helping musicians gain new knowledge and skills.

4. WMFBA Showcasing:
Since 2016, WMFBA has been providing space for young talents as part of the showcase concerts of the World Music Festival Bratislava. This festival is regularly attended by foreign delegates who are festival directors, music agents and journalists. This creates an opportunity for musicians to perform in front of important faces of the music world.

5. International Festivals:
WOMUSK cooperates with other showcase festivals, such as WOMEX, Czech Music Crossroads, Waves Vienna, Tallinn Music Week, Mercat Music Viva de Vic and others, thanks to which Slovak musicians get exposure to foreign media.

6. Agency Services:
The platform provides agency services like booking and tour management for musicians.


Promotion of the Slovak Music Scene:
WOMUSK promotes the Slovak music scene and enables access to international stages – to clubs and festivals, thereby helping to spread awareness of Slovakia’s rich musical culture.

World Music Expo – WOMEX:
WOMUSK organizes the Slovak stand and represents the Slovak music scene at the World Music Expo – WOMEX, thereby contributing to its international visibility.

Compilation ‚ÄúBest of Slovak World Music‚ÄĚ:
WOMUSK publishes promotional publications and CD compilations, “World Music from Slovakia Best of” and other promotional materials, which allows the public to discover new and talented musicians from Slovakia.

WOMUSK is an active partner of the European project UPBEAT, the European Showcase Platform for World Music, the pan-European project SOUNDS of EUROPE and cooperates with other organizations in Slovakia and around the world.

If you are interested in the Slovak world music scene or if you want to advance your musical career, do not hesitate to contact WOMUSK. We can support your development and success.

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