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Páni Času



Trio is playfully combining traditional Slovak, Celtic and world music influenced by intriguing sound of bagpipes and flutes. The project Páni času (Lords of Time) is the expression of common ambition to bring the sound of traditional bagpipes to the general audience.

,,There is something magical about bagpipes, they seem to have a strange effect on people. I guess preserved in them something from the old days when bagpipes was often the sole instrument to accompany a village dance parties or even weddings. When I began to learn playing the bagpipes some twenty years ago, this traditional instrument was on the bring of extinction in our country. Today, the Slovak bagpipe tradition forms a separate entry in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. In Slovakia we are experiencing a massive revival of bagpipe as a folk instrument. The Slovakian bagpipe music festivals are visited by a great number of more or less skilled but very committed bagpipers. There is new generation eager to learn this traditional art.“

Lukáš Lacko – the band leader


Lukáš Lacko – bagpipes, pipes, low whistle, shawm pipes, pipes, vocals
Ján Kostolány – acoustic guitar, vocals
Zuzana Hanusová – bodhrán, davul, pandereita, pipes, shawm, jew’s harp, vocals


Zelené sihote (2017, Self release)


Finalisti Radio_Head Awards 2017 v kategórii World music & Folk

„It sounds completely like music from the folk revival of 1970´s – but that´s not bad. If it´s well played, I don´t care if music sounds a little bit nostalgic, or even old-fashioned. And it´s always nice if someone uses a bagpipe in this area, because it is still not really known to a lot of people that the bagpipe was a very important instrument in traditional music here, in this part of Europe.“
Albert Hosp, Radio music journalist, ORF Ö1, director of the festival Glatt&Verkehr in Krems




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