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La3no Cubano



La3no Cubano is known for danceable, festive music which mixes Slovak folk music with rhythms from all over the world.

This band was founded in 2005 and consists of musicians with various musical backgrounds including a professional Slovak folk violinist, a jazz piano player, afro-latino percussionists, funky Balkan sax player, and a hard-grooving electric bass player.

La3no Cubano succesfully incorporates all these influences, resulting in a joyful blend of music that won’t let the audience sit. Vivid performances of sprightly world music is the signature of this band. The live shows are an unchained mix of world rhythms (Orient, Balkan, Africa, Latin America) with various genres (funk, drum’n’bass, reggae or jazzy grooves) and, on top of it all, traditional Slovak folk roots music.

The band performed at many festivals in Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Germany) and is repeatedly invited to festivals and venues in Slovakia.


Tono Gúth – percussion (surdo, djembe, cajon)
Roman Kovács – percussion (congas, cowbell, darbuka)
Adam Kováčik – timbales
Jano „Boldy“ Boldiš – alt saxophone, bongas
Jano „Kružlo“ Kružliak ml. – violin, effects, jamblock, backing vocals
Miloš „Bulči“ Bulík – bass guitar
Peťo „Peťuldo“ Kunzo – keyboard


Rodina (2012, OZ Zvuky cez ruky)


Some words about La3No Cubano concert at Roots&Hybrid Festival in Aarhus, Denmark, May 2017: „The concert was colourful, vibrant. They got everyone dancing with their mix of different cultural rhythms. Kružliak (the violin player) finished with a spectacular solo on the violin. The audience clapped ferociously, not wanting them to leave. “We love you and we will come back again,” he shouted.“
Ella Navarro, Jutland Station




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