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The most popular Slovak world music band inspired by traditional music of Slovakia


It was founded in 2003 in Bratislava and is comprised of musicians with long-term experience in folk music interpretation, as well as other genres. In creating its world music repertoire, the group is particularly inspired by Slovak traditional music, using creative approaches to its arrangement.

Their music springs from authentic roots, however, the musicians also mix in other musical elements (blues, jazz, beat, pop, older musical styles) and the traditional music of other cultures as well (Balkan, Celtic, Slavic). Their lively production is dynamic, varied and interpretationally impressive. They offer original arrangements of mainly Slovak folk songs and melodies (as well as Polish, Spanish, Moravian, Ruthenian, Romanian and even some songs written by the musicians themselves).

The band uses acoustic instruments in the production of their music and its members implement rich vocals respecting traditions and local peculiarities, but also in a brand new, original style.

Banda played at many concerts and festivals not only in Slovakia, but also in Norway, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. The group contributed music for the film Tanec medzi črepinami (Glass Splinters Dance) directed by Marek Ťapák (2012) and also a title song of the TV series called 1890 (2017).


Samo Smetana – violin, mandolin, bouzouki, tambourine, vocals
Alžbeta Lukáčová – cimbalom, helicon accordion, percussions, vocals
Ivan Hanula – viola, mandolin, bouzouki, vocals
Peter Obuch – double bass, vocals
Igor Ajdži Sabo – percussions, drums, vocals
Eva Brunovská – vocal, keyboard


Jedna (2010)
HraBanda (2014)
Telegrafy (2018)


Banda jedna (2010) – World Music Charts Europe, No. 8 in 10/2011
HraBanda (2014) – Global Village Top 40 Albums, No. 4 in 2/2015 (show of KMUW), World Music Charts Europe, No. 14 in 1/2015
Song „Nadeja“ – No. 1., July – October 2015, ETHNO CLOUD Top 40 World Chart
Song „Zozuľa“ – No. 1., January – February 2017, ETHNO CLOUD Top 40 World Chart

3rd place – Czech Music Crossroads 2015, Ostrava, Czech Republic

„Banda are a group of excellent musicians who’ve figured out how to add contemporary elements to age-old tradition without losing the excitement of the former and the integrity of the latter.“
Gerald Seligman, former General Director of WOMEX, the World Music Expo



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