Varkocs is a group based on old pagan Slavic and Hungarian music traditions and acoustic folk instruments. The band was formed in 2018 as a special project around Erik Turtev, a virtuoso jaw harp player. Since their formation, the band have excelled in their unconventional approach and ‚Äúrowdy folk‚ÄĚ style. Their aim is to collect songs for the jaw harp, as they are inherited among various ethnic groups living in Slovakia: Slovak, Hungarian, Ruthenian and Czech. That‚Äôs why they also sing in these four languages. The jaw harp has a special place in Slovak folk music; its use was mainly spread by Roma metalworkers and expanded rapidly around Slovakia by shepherds and village musicians. The repertoire of Varkocs is based on the songs that the members learned from elderly inhabitants in villages and found them in archives. Band members enrich these ancient songs with a new flavor of imaginative arrangements and using the jaw harp as a solo instrument. Varkocs is a beloved live band because of their punk drive and high energy. They are able to perform at village feasts as well as at small festivals and jam sessions. In 2022 they released (digital only) their debut album, Rye Island. In the May 2022 they represented the Slovak world music scene at the showcase festival Czech Music Crossroads in Ostrava and Slovak jaw-harp traditions in Berlin at International Jew’s Festival & Congress. In august 2022 they successfully presented their music at Worldmusic festival Bratislava.


Erik Turtev ‚Äď jaw harps, whistles, fujara, kaval
J√ļlia Vikt√≥ria Vaczulka ‚Äď vocals, shakers, horn
Roman Turtev ‚Äď drums, percussion (shamanic drum, bongas, darbuka)


Bandcamp: Rye Island (Self-released, 2022)
Spotify: Rye Island (Self-released, 2022)





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