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Trombitáši Štefánikovci



Shepherd roots music performed on trombitas and fujaras, the iconic Slovak folk instruments accompanied by masculine vocals.

Trombitáši Štefánikovci (the Štefánik Trombita Players) is a folk band established in 2008. The core members are brothers Ján Štefánik and Pavol Štefánik and their brother-in-law Pavol Novosád from Nimnica village, completed with other musicians from this region.

On CD called Grúňom hore (Up to the pasture hill), which was released in 2017, you could hear the group of male singers from Púchov valley and Jura Kašparík and Kačka Mrlinová.

This folk band is using many instruments typical for this region – not only trombitas, but also shepherd horns, fujaras and various shepherd flutes.

Three of the band members – Ján Štefánik, Pavol Novosád a Ivan Bobot – are also instrument makers (they received some awards for making and playing them). Their music with other instruments added: heligónka accordion, jew´s harp, stumblebum, bagpipes, tuned cow bells, bass and viola, and also with male and female voices, represents a very interesting and original recording, which have a lot of positive feedback not only from Slovakia, but also from abroad. The band performed at World Music Festival Batislava 2018, various folk festivals in Slovakia, Czech Republic and at La Zampogna Festival in Italy in 2018.


Pavol Štefánik – fujara trombita, heligónka, rífová píšťala, spev, pastiersky roh
Ján Štefánik – ozembuch, spev, pastiersky roh
Pavol Novosád – drumbľa, spev, pastiersky roh
Ivan Bobot – fujara, píšťalka, koncovka, spev, pastiersky roh
Peter Peťovský – zvonkohra, spev, pastiersky roh
Daniel Káčer – basa, basička, spev, pastiersky roh
Juraj Štefánik – viola



„The brand new album by The Stefanikovci brothers is an open window to a musical tradition most of us never heard of. This is a “welcome” opportunity to indulge yourself in new sounds that are quite old which are performed by a very confident group of musicians that deserve close attention. Highly re- commended!“
Gil Medovoy, programmer/co-director World Music Department, KDVS 90,3 FM

„When I first listened to the CD, I sensed that the music led me out to open spaces and up on highlands. Then I saw the picture of the trombita which justified the sensation I got. Surely most people cannot play these giant trumpets in closed quarters. But the sound that comes from it is surprisingly delicate not exactly the sound of a tuba, the tone one expects delivered upon setting eyes on the instrument. It is down to earth folk music with quite a variety – some instrumental pieces, some songs sung by men only and some men and women mixed ones. Then one hears the accompaniment of an accordion with its perfectly beautifying effect. The music is not repetitive and as such it does not contain the sometimes undesirable elements so often found in authentic music. Very enjoyable CD – Two thumbs up“!
Reha Uz, radio broadcaster, Acik Radyo FM 94.9 ISTANBUL




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