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Unique folk music band that surprises you with its temperament.

Muzička (founded in 1990 in Bratislava) has a special status on the Slovak traditional music and dance scene. The group happened to be at the birth of the new movement in Slovak traditional music and dance interpretation in the ‘90s. Young musicians started to reject previously established kitschy-romantic adaptations of traditional material and decided to dedicate their attention to the study of authentic recordings.

Muzička presents the results of this movement to the public. Every member of Muzička is an instrumentalist and a singer and singing is a vitally important part of their expression. In addition, Muzička often collaborates on performances with a small group of excellent dancers. Muzička has performed at all of Slovakia’s largest folklore festivals, and also at multi-genre festivals such as Pohoda. It is not unusual to see hundreds of people dancing to Muzička’s music.

Muzička has also had many successful performances in Hungary, Poland, Czech republic where they collaborated with some quite famous musicians, including Fonó Band (Budapest, Hungary), and Jan Karpiel-Bułecka (Zakopane, Poland). At the first edition of World Music Festival Bratislava in 2016 they performed together with Jan Słowinski and Joanna Słowinska from Krakow, Poland.

The world ’s leading magazine focused on world music, fROOTS, obviously liked the taste of their album Distillate (2015) and published a review of the album in their issue VIII/IX 2015, and the track “Veš ty zajdu” was included in their CD compilation (the whole album was featured in a monthly playlist on fROOTS Radio).


Tomáš Brunovský – violin, vocals
Ivan Hanula – violin, vocals
Ladislav Fekete – violin, vocals
Michal Brdársky – viola, vocals
Martin Brunovský – violin, vocals
Peter Obuch – double bass, folk bass, vocals


Muzička (Muzička, 2001)
Live in Lublin 2002 (Muzička, 2002)
Muzička (Pavian records, 2005)
Pomo auťa, bo anťa ňeto kja (Muzička, 2011)
Speváci z Rejdovej a Muzička: Či to šitko pravda (Mária Brdárska, 2012)
Destilát (Pavian records, 2015)
Oj, muzycko, graj ze mi (Muzička, 2019) – EP


Album Distillate (2015) in Top Ten Playlist Album Choices, fRoots Magazine VIII/IX 2015

„Stifling atmospherics, careful close harmonies and a seemingly extra-sensory understanding between the six string-virtuosi/singers who make up Muzička evoke these raw and often heart-breaking tales of rural Slovakia. Familiar, resonant and energetic expositions twist and wrong-foot though these mostly pastoral incancations. Growing up and learning music outside Central Europe´s brilliant conservatoires has led to a novel freedom from famous classical notations of national folk music, resulting in avid music for a noisy new audience, artfully careless and artlessly relevatory.“
John Pheby (UK), music journalist, fRoots Magazine




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