Sisa Feh√©r & Vladko Mikl√°Ň°



The outstanding singer/songwriter Sisa Fehér explores the frontiers of jazz, pop, folk and ambient music in a thrilling, yet sensitive way.

Gently and sensitively, Sisa Feh√©r, along with Vladko Mikl√°Ň°, embarked on their joint recording of Bardo, which was released in early June 2018. A talented musician brings the listener with his musicality and musical poetry.

Sisa Fehér shows her perfect connection with music. She invites the wandering about nature and embark on this journey with her experience.

The word bardo is translated from Buddhism and means interstate after death and reborn. The lyric recording gives space to the listener and his own ideas, interpretations and connections. Without weak spots it is a remarkable recording on the Slovak music scene. She has chosen the Slovak lyrics that can be melodically beautiful and make full use of it for her benefit.

It depends on precise pronunciations and leaves the language to stand out in its generosity. In addition, the recording has a glimpse of folklore, which only encourages a good feeling in the mother tongue. The musician admitted that most of the songs originated in the mountains and originally they did not even have to be songs.

Finally, however, her words have been given a musical performance that paint imaginary images and lead the listener with her own landscape of fantasy.

Sisa Fehér performed at various festivals and events in Slovakia and abroad, in 2018 the project Bardo was introduced at World Music Festival Bratislava.


Sisa Feh√©r ‚Äď spev
Vladko Mikl√°Ň° ‚Äď gitara, syntez√°tor, spev
RasŇ•o Uhr√≠k ‚Äď kontrabas, basgitara
Petr Nohavica ‚Äď bicie


Sisa Feher & Fehero Rocher ‚Äď Cirrus (Slnko Records, 2016)
Sisa Feh√©r & Vladko Mikl√°Ň° ‚Äď Bardo (Slnko Records, 2018)
Postapokalyptick√° balada (Slnko Records, 2019) ‚Äď EP


‚ÄěAlthough I do not understand the language, the emotion of the vocal delivery and the wonderful new-jazz-esque arrangements draw me into another world when I hear this recording. Sisa deserves world-wide attention for this and the production is something that artists working in indie, jazz and fusion music across the world will aspire to. Unmissable!‚Äú
Stephen Budd, producer, Festival Director, Africa Express / NH7 Weekender / OneFest / DMZ Peacetrain




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