AMC Trio and Folk Band of Stano Baláž



AMC trio is a band with its own language and original music grown on jazz, classical and rock music. For twenty-five years of its existence they have cooperated with the stars like Randy Brecker, Regina Carter, Philip Catherine, Bill Evans and many others and played all over Europe.

Folk Band of Stano Baláž is a traditional folk music band. They uncompromisingly keep alive the tradition of pure Slovak folk music from East Slovakia for more than eleven years.

Project of two different bands playing simultaneously on one stage might seem strange however it’s full of colors, rhythms, unexpected changes and above all full of creative music ideas and suprisingly exceptional conjuction. In 2019 band perfomed at Czech Music Crossroads festival.


AMC Trio
Peter Adamkovič – piano
Marin Marinčák – double bass
Stanislav Cvanciger – drums

Ľudová hudba Stana Baláža
Stano Baláž – first violin
Jozef Franek – viola
Michal Germuška – accordion
Štefan Mačejovský – double bass
Peter Germuška – cimbalom


The common album:
AMC trio a Ľudová hudba Stana Baláža: Ad Fontes (Thor-iza Music, 2017)

AMC Trio:
Thor-iza (Hevhetia, 2006)
Soul of the Mountain (Hevhetia, 2008)
Waiting For a Wolf (Hevhetia, 2011)
One Way Road to My Heart (Moosicus Records, 2012)
Very Keen Attack (Thor-iza Music, 2015)
AMC Trio Plus (Hevhetia, 2019)

Folk Band of Stano Baláž:
Muzikanci raslavicke (2008)
V Raslavicoch bije banda (2014)
…farbi nešanujce (2018)
…do Betľema (2019)




ESPRIT · AMC trio a Ľudová hudba Stana Baláža – Ad Fontes


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