An intimate sound of Slovak folk ballads with the specific vocal feeling of Zuzana Homolová.

Trojka is the trio of singer Zuzana Homolová, who has been well-known for her arrangements of Slovak folk ballads for several decades, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Miloš Železňák and violinist Samo Smetana. In their music, and on their most recent album, they blur the artificial lines between folk, world music, chanson and renaissance music in an innovative, strikingly minimalist way.

During 3 years activity the Z.H.Trio played on different festivals – United Islands of Prague / CZ/07, Festival Zahrada 07/ CZ/, Pulse festival in London 07 /UK/, Summer cultural fever in Dubrovnik /CR/ 07, Lodenica /SK/ 07, Prázdniny v Telči /CZ/ 08, Festival Velehrad /CZ/ 08, Etno Brno 08/CZ/, Festival Mikolajki Lublin /PL/ 08, Summer festival Warsaw 09 /PL/, Festival Slnkorecords Brno /CZ/, Folk Martin 09 etc.



Ňet vekšeho rozkošu (Slnko records, 20013)


Zuzana Homolová – lead vocal, guitar
Samo Smetana – violin, vocal
Miloš Železnák – guitar, multi – instrumentalist


“Consists of her long-standing sideman Samo Smetana playing the violin and a multi-genre guitarist Miloš Železňák, well-known for his jazz, blues and rock projects. Their current project is a concert version of the album I Won’t Let Your Soul Pass Away proving that the cooperation of musicians resulted in further unanticipated dimensions. While searching for the very fundamentals of the human existence, for features lurking from the subconscious of the human mind, they emphasise a concise form of the songs and stories of the past.”