When the debut album of Katarína Máliková, named Pustvopol was released in November 2016, it immediately attracted the attention of both the media and audiences and became one of the top titles in Slovakia. All fans of Katarina were excited at the Radio Head Award Ceremony on 14th March 2017 in Bratislava. The album Pustvopol won 3 prizes in the cathegories Debut of the Year 2016, the Critics´Award 2016 and in the genre World Music/Folk 2016.

As the ethnomusicologist Jana Ambrózová says: “The works of Katarína Máliková are a brilliant convergence of excellent musical education, unusual sensitivity to the specifics of traditional Slovak music and a creative mind. She is extremely consistent as an author and performer. Among the young artists on the Slovak independent scene, we rarely meet such a degree of balance between the wide range of expressions and thoughtfulness that characterise her music. The aesthetic radiation of her music penetrates deep and strikes sensitive areas of the human imagination. She managed to open the folklore door to the broader world and attract a surprisingly diverse audience.”

The Pustvopol album rankings in the Worldmusic Chart Europe proved that the music of Katarina attracted the attention of the interantional jury members as well (#11 in 3/2017, #8 in 4/2017, #10 in 5/2017). In the history of the Slovak world music it happened for the first time that Slovak album ranked in top 20 three times in a row.

„After Pustvopol Slovakia gets special attention in the World Music Charts. The CD stands for present and history, r ecorder and electronics have their undisputed place alike. Delicate feelings and strong gestures expand the artistic space. However it doesn’t sound naive. It seems that Katarina Malikova always knows exactly what she is doing. I’m very excited about what comes next from this talent.“
Johannes Theurer, WMCE, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg

„Imagine a new version by one of these great fairy tale movies out of Czechoslovakia in the 70s, but done by David Lynch. This one would be the soundtrack to it. Based on old rooted musical traditions but played in an almost futuristic way – it is dark, somehow frightening but you definitely wanna hear it until the bitter end.“
Thorsten Bednarz, WMCE, Tonart Weltmusik / http://www.deutschlandradiokultur.de

After a short time, the Katarina Malikova band was invited to international festivals (EtnoKrakow, Colours of Ostrava, Pohoda Festival and World Music Festival Bratislava).