World music band with flavor of slovak folk music and rock background.

The music group Spod Budína was created in 2009, below Budín, which is the highest peak in Oravská Magura. They started with playing their own folk songs, which spontaneuosly headed towards slovak folklore. Their repertoire consists of well-known as well as lesser-known slovak folk songs in world music style. They have been awarded with a lot of music awards. They regularly attend many Slovak, Czech and Polish Festivals. Their music is a mixture of musical instruments such as drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, violin and wind instruments from all over the world (turkish caval, hulusi, irish tin whistle, bagpipes, slovak shepherd´s pipes, etc…)

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Rubato (Pavlík Records, 2014)


Robert Hulej  – lead vocal, folk wind instruments
Lucia Graňáková – lead vocal
Lúkáš Štipta – guitar, vocal
Zdenko Graňák – bass guitar
Michal Puchel – drums
Adrián Malovaník – violin, vocal


Porta – Ústi nad Labem – winner