The originality of this group is conveyed through a distinctive approach to the interpretation of the 17th and 18th century music.

The early music chamber ensemble Solamente Naturali was founded in 1995 by its artistic leader and concertmaster Miloš Valent. To create a similar atmosphere Solamente Naturali uses period instruments, finds inspiration in historical documents and is united through passion, creativity and professionalism. The ensemble has recorded many CDs, and some of the more recent recordings — Dance Collection from Uhrovec, Collection of Annae Szirmay Keczer, Thesaurus of Jewish Music, etc. — are based on manuscripts from the 16th to 19th century. These historical songs are often presented alongside contemporary folk tunes.

In concert, Solamente naturali´s program Musica Globus is a kaleidoscope of music that maps a historical span of several centuries inspired by the work of German Baroque composer Georg Philipp Telemann. The show explores how Telemann’s three-month stay in upper Silesia, in the court of the Count of Promnitz, inspired a natural connection between the music composed for the court and the rustic folk tunes played “below the castle”. Jewish, Slavic, Balkan, and even Western melodies are skillfully woven into the extended version of this concert, which also includes sets packed with musical jokes, visual sleight-of-hand, and elaborate stagecraft.

Solamente naturali often cooperates with foreign soloists and chamber ensembles, as well as with prestigious festivals – Vantaan Barokki Helsinki, Boston Music Festival, Larvik Narokk in Norway and much more. Until today the ensemble has recorded 18 CDs.


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Pastorella (Pavian Records 2016)
Thesaurus of Jewish Music (Pavian Records 2016)
Collection of Annae Szirmay Keczer (Pavian Records 2013)
Uhrovec Saltus Hungarici a Dionisio 1730 (Pavian Records 2012)
Vladimír Godár/Querela Pacis (Pavian Records 2010)

and much more


„Virtuoso multi-instrumentalism, freed from unnecessarily spectacular effects, presented with humility and respect towards the work, as well as the listener. This concert is a precious opportunity to hear the dulcimer in a classical context, played by virtuoso Ján Rokyta, who also played a series of pipes and sang, rousing the audience to sustained applause… The whole artistic expression resonates with instrumental color, stripping bare the historical patina to reveal the powerful emotions behind these songs and dances. It was especially for this performance that the artistic leader Miloš Valent put together the strings peppered with rhythm instruments, to create an ensemble of a uniquely effective power and persuasion.“

Stanislav Surový, music journalist, Ružomberský hlas 8/2016