Folk songs from Eastern Slovakia in the modern acoustic arrangement, that is The Rusín Čendeš Orchestra.

Rusín Čendeš Orchestra is six young musicians from Banská Bystrica. Their sound is characterized by strong male and female vocals, twin fiddles, guitar, scampering cimbalom and double bass in modern arrangements of folk songs from Eastern Slovakia. During the five years of their existence Rusín Čendeš Orchestra have gathered an enthusiastic audience, and their critically-praised 2015 debut album is only slightly paradoxically titled “Best Of”. The band specializes in acoustic fusions of Ruthenian/Carpathian, Balkan,Gypsy music with jazz and other music genres. Their debut album was nominated for the Radio_Head Awards 2015.

The band is known for their energetic live performances and have performed at numerous events around Slovakia.

In 2016 the Rusín Čendeš Orchestra was selected for Czech Music Crossroads in Ostrava to represent Slovakia. The bands´ music was broadcast in Spain on the Mundofonías radio program, and elsewhere.


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Best Of (2015)


Peter Šipula – violin, vocal

Andrej Turčin – violin

Zuzana Holíkova – cimbalom, vocal

René Bošeľa – viol, guitar, vocal

Jakub Stračina – double bass

Robo Bošeľa – drums, percussion