The band KarpaTon is a music project created by Michal Smetanka and Eduard Fertáľ inspired by the folk songs especially from the Zemplín region in East Slovakia.

KarpaTon’s typical feature is its acoustic performance involving a wide range of ethnic musical instruments. Michal Smetanka is the leading character of this group that has already recorded three CDs (KarpaTon – 2011, Na koreňu – 2011 and Karpat Mater – 2015). KarpaTon’s latest project is entitled Hlasy predkov (The Voices of Predecessors). The band performed at World Music Festival Bratislava in 2017 and their live concert was broadcasted on BBC Radio programme, World on 3.

Music project KarpaTon was created in 2010 as the initiative of multi-instrumentalist and singer Michal Smetanka. It originated in his intention to bring in life a fusion of traditional music culture of the Carpathians into new music genres, above all alternative music and world music.

Particularly characteristic for KarpaTon is the exclusive acoustic expression, irredeemable due to variable use of numerous ethnic musical instruments. Compositions are rooted in the traditional Carpathian music, mostly Slovak and Ruthenian with exclusive use of native, traditional lyrics reproduced in a new, unconventional way.

The atmosphere and the themes of songs reflect rich diversity of human emotions and needs. Painful sadness, longing for forgiveness, need for compassion, unspeakable tension between man’s and woman’s world, unconditional motherly love, spontaneous. Ambiguous and fascinating as life itself.

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Michal Smetanka– multi-instrumentalist, vocals

Edo Fertaľ– percussions

Ivana Feníková– vocals

Robert Egreši– percussions

Andrej Smetanka– percussions

Slavomír Harman– accordion

Vlado Kubáň– double bass, chordophone


Karpat Mater (2015)