Contemporary folk rooted in the Slovak traditional music with other music influences.

Hrdza plays its own contemporary folk music rooted in the Slovak traditional music, fusing east European folk elements with Celtic music, rock and other influences. Since arriving on the Slovak music scene in 1999 Hrdza have secured a relatively strong position in Slovakia while enjoying a good name beyond the folk scene from which they originally hailed. Hrdza plays original compositions written by its band leader Slavomir Gibarti whose music forges a strong bond with the traditional culture of his homeland, fusing east European folk elements with Celtic music, rock, complex rhythms and other influences. The impressive and distinctive voice of the lead singer Susanna Jara adds yet another dimension to the group’s songs. Hrdza has received about 20 prestigious awards and prizes, also mainstream contests. In 2002 Hrdza released their well-received debut album “Muzicka” which was clearly based on the group’s Slovak roots. Their second release, “Pod Bozimi Oknami” (Under God’s Windows), on the Universal Music label, was lauded by fans and critics alike. Hrdza is well played in the Slovak radios, despite the fact it is not mainstream music. Hrdza with its “Taka sa mi paci” achieved success at national level of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. Their best of album Hrdzava osemnástka came out on 30 March 2016. Now they are working on a new album to be released in 2017.

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Muzička (Hrdza, 2002)
Pod božími oknami (Universal music, 2006)
Hajnajnanyja (Universal music, 2009)
Hrdzavá osemnástka (Hrdza, 2016)


Slavomír Gibarti – lead vocal, guitar
Susanna Jara – vocal, violin
Dominik Maniak – violin, vocal
Marak Szarvaš – percussion
Pavol Boleš – bass guitar, vocal
Matej Palidrab – accordeon


Vandermúza 2003, The audience´s award, Mostište
Slovenská Porta 2004, The mayor´s award MČ BNM, Bratislava
Strunobranie 2004, The laureate, Banská Štiavnica
Winner of national round of Eurovision contest 2010
Music Charts – Slovak Airplay Top 50