The PACORA TRIO has performed on 23rd October at WOMEX 15, Special Focus: Club Duna. The first presence of the Slovak band was well received and won critical praise. Find below some priceless feedbacks.

Gerald Seligman, former General Director of WOMEX, the World Music Expo:

“It’s never an easy thing to stay true to a tradition even while transforming it, to take standard instruments in a set tradition and turn them inside out to create new sounds, reach new music — and, deservedly, new audiences. Pacora Trio is all this and more. A group of virtuosi who provide a show as thrilling as it is enthralling. I’ve never heard a cimbalom played this way, jazzy, funky, miraculously syncopated and a group that follows so closely, with their own verve and musicianship. Highly recommended.”

Sam Lee, Mercury Prize nominated British Folk singer, song collector, promoter:

“It was while peforming at the Folk Holidays Festival in Namest (CZ) that I discovered the illustrious and dexterous sound of Pacora Trio with their dynamic interplay and a musical conversation that although so deeply complex sounded so playful and effortless. Their mixing of improvised motifs and well crafted melodic journeys was inspiring to here especially the Jazz like possibilities of the Cymbalom that keeps such entrancing timing within the band. I am a huge fan and look forward to hearing where their music goes into the future.”