Capre’s Slovak style of ethno fusion music has become popular for the punk, dance-impelling energy of the band’s live performances.

Capre is a Slovak band, mixing various influences in their own blend of music. The band was formed in 2005, from members with different musical background: bass player and drummer rooted in metal and crust, guitar player in classic rock and jazz, percussionist perfoming as a trance-worldbeat DJ, and the rest of the band strongly influenced by ethnic and world music from all around the world, especially Asia, Australia and Africa. The musical style of the band can be described as an Ethno Fusion (same as the title of their debut album), connecting natural sounds of ethnic instruments like indian Sitar, turkish Saz and Oud, australian Didgeridoo or african Djembe or Krin with strong jazz-rock rhytmical background, using elements of electronic and ambient music. The band has played numerous succesful gigs on local festivals, clubs and underground scene. Album Ethno Fusion is full of original material and is ready to spread the spiritual vibrations of the music all around the world.

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Dušan “Dušky” Martinček – didgeridoo, fujara, percussion
Marcel “Mani” Kollár – drums, percussion
Zoran “Fógel” Kočiš – bass guitar
Michal “Mišo” Gebauer – guitar
Peter “Štipec” Koros – percussion
Július “Julah” Korgo – percussion
Miloslav “Miňo” Kollár – flute, mandolin, violin, sitar, saz, keyboard


Ethno Fusion